Photo by Charles Chen / Unsplash

If you're here, it's probably because of this sticker:

Sticker by @Dbleki

That is @Nican forcefully shoving bread into my mouth, and this sticker has become such a favorite that furries with domain names and servers to spare have put their own spin on it. Spoiler: A lot of furries have domain names. This is a list of the ones I'm aware of.

Last updated: 12/28/2021

Owner: @CendyneNaga‌‌
Notes: Plethora of file formats, including non-image ones.‌‌

Feed Glitch Bread
It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this baguette.

Owner: @SparkyFen‌‌
Notes: Sticker slowly spins clockwise.

Glitch’s Bread Loaf
Web site created to make Glitch happy.

Owner: @LordOfTheYiffs‌‌
Notes: Interactive slider adjusts the speed of the breading.‌‌

URL:, (redirect)‌‌
Owner: @codfish246‌‌
Notes: Many bread stickers float around the screen and avoid the cursor. Clicking spawns more.

The rest of these links are redirects or links to the static image of the sticker.

URL Owner (redirect) @YaBoiBurner (redirect) @Sniff122N (redirect) @GreyDaWah (hosted) @KelwingDev (hosted) @Secret_owo (hosted) @LordOfTheYiffs (redirect) @rechnerfox (redirect) @Secret_owo (redirect) @Secret_owo (redirect) @Secret_owo