Glitch Reference

Glitch is a male domestic cat (house cat) in his 20s, who is 6'2" (188cm) in height and thinly built.

Note for artists: The circuitry pattern on the face and arm is not a strict design, feel free to draw it however you like as long as it resembles circuit board traces in the end.

Color Used where? Hex code
Orange Ear tips, hair, eyes, nose, tongue, paws, lines, circuitry #ff8000
Light Gray Lower half of face, chest, belly, inner thighs, rear, underside of tail #585858
Dark Gray Upper half of face, shoulders, sides, outer thighs, back, top of tail #303030
Black Arms, legs, hair, eyebrows, claws #191919
White Fingers, toes, inside of ears, tail tip #e1e1e1

Inside of the mouth should be a darker orange color.